About Us

Our business is built on a commitment to guiding customers to success with intelligent solutions, honesty, integrity, and by being a partner that delivers on its promises.

Our vision is to form an IT services company focused on service excellence, with the customer experience as well as business success at its heart. For our customers, success means greater efficiency, more profit, and the ability to adapt in ever-changing times. 

Our model is to provide an exceptional level of Salesforce expertise in the whole world. Today, we are proud to have one of the most technically-able teams in Paris, London, Dubaï and Casablanca. We are dedicated to continually building on our knowledge and expertise across the entire Salesforce product set as it evolves and ensuring all our clients use the platform to its full potential.

Through a deep understanding of business and customer needs, we consistently deliver expert advice alongside effective and appropriate solutions that generate real value. As a team we are driven by a strong delivery culture and to do what’s right for each other and for the long-term success of our customers.

Why Salesforce ?

We saw an opportunity to use the flexibility of Cloud Computing to provide better, more intuitive, future-proof solutions to businesses. We believe Cloud Computing services, such as Salesforce, are the future and will take businesses to the next level.

Abdelaziz Leibek

After 17 years experience in the IT industry and with a love for technology and cloud, I'm a passionate about delivering digital transformation and real value for our customers in a world where business evolution is constantly moving.